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SENG4921 - Lec 05 - Introduction to Law and Contracts
11th April 2009

There are two sources of law.

Statutory law trumps common law.

In Australia, the legal system can be broadly classified into 4 different jurisdictions:

Litigation refers to the process of a lawsuit (when you take someone to court).

Punitive damages (in contrast to compensatory damages) are damages not awarded in order to compensate the plaintiff, but in order to reform or deter the defendant and similar persons from pursuing a course of action such as that which damaged the plaintiff.

In the area of Contract Law, clicking an OKAY button on a webpage or during installation is legally binding!

In the lecture we took a look at the Microsoft Windows Vista License Agreement. Though I think the iPhone License Agreement is worth taking a look at too.


Ho. Peter S. 2009. Introduction to Law and Contracts.

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