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If I had a bakery
4th February 2012

If I had a bakery, I would set up a blog which I would fill with interesting behind the counter things like photos of bread being made, run downs of their process of make different breads, what are in their different breads, etc... I suppose this could be done with a static web page, but I think a blog would work better as a marketing tool and they could do a post once a week. The idea is that you can assign a little bit of time along the way, rather than trying to document everything up front. Also a blog will come across much more authentic I think.

People interested in your produce can subscribe and see behind the scenes giving transparency but also reminding them to drop in for a visit.

Posting to the blog is one thing, but you also need to consider how would potential customers find out about it in the first place? GeoRSS combined with a good GeoRSS enabled search engine, then when you walk past your mobile device finds the nearby GeoRSS feed and you can check it out.