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Channel TEN's Online Video
14th August 2009

After someone commented on one of my other posts I had another look around the Channel TEN Video site, this is what I gathered.

So it appears that the whole Channel 10 Video section has been outsourced to http://www.kit-digital.com/ using their vx.roo.com hosting. Thus the vx.roo.com host has to allow for other clients not just Ten. vx.roo.com appears to have assigned Ten's "SiteIdGuid" as "666b8363-97e9-4c40-b665-53846db95ad0". Here was my first port of call http://publish.flashapi.vx.roo.com/666b8363-97e9-4c40-b665-53846db95ad0-4883/PlaylistInfoService.asmx. From there, http://publish.flashapi.vx.roo.com/666b8363-97e9-4c40-b665-53846db95ad0-4883/PlaylistInfoService.asmx?op=GetPlaylistXML is a good place to go. From there they tell you how to make SOAP, HTTP GET and HTTP POST requests. I'll use HTTP GET for now because its easiest for you to follow along.

As I mentioned the first field is SiteIdGuid which for Channel TEN is 666b8363-97e9-4c40-b665-53846db95ad0. The second field is Channel. Some channel codes are listed on Ten's video page, but we want the vxChannel. For example in the URL http://www.australianidol.com.au/video.htm?vxSiteId=666b8363-97e9-4c40-b665-53846db95ad0&vxChannel=S7CUTV%3AAuditions. You can usually find it in the URL somewhere.

Using the vxSiteId and vxChannel you can formulate the RSS feed for that channel,


From that RSS feed you will usually get a list of clips. For example in the RSS feed, http://publish.flashapi.vx.roo.com/xmlgenerators/video/666b8363-97e9-4c40-b665-53846db95ad0-4882/RSSGenerator.aspx?siteId=666b8363-97e9-4c40-b665-53846db95ad0&channel=S7CUTV:Auditions, the fist item is a link to http://www.australianidol.com.au/video.htm?channel=S7CUTV:Auditions&clipid=2692_030TT070809&bitrate=300&format=flash. This gives you the clipid (and the bitrate and format, but those usually 300 or 700 and flash). Using this you can fill out the details for the fields on this page, http://publish.flashapi.vx.roo.com/666b8363-97e9-4c40-b665-53846db95ad0-4883/PlaylistInfoService.asmx?op=GetPlaylistXML. But that invoke button doesn't work, so just make your own HTTP POST request, something like, http://publish.flashapi.vx.roo.com/PlaylistInfoService.asmx/GetPlaylistXML?SiteIdGuid=666b8363-97e9-4c40-b665-53846db95ad0&Channel=S7CUTV%3AAuditions&Bitrate=300&Format=flash&ThumbnailTypeCode=square_large&RowCount=1&StartPosition=0&ClipId=2692_030TT070809&Artist=&Album=&Criteria=&RelatedLinksKeyName=

It appears you need all those other arguments but they mostly stay the same. Anyway, this gives you an XML file with details/metadata for that clip, but it also gives you the URL of the FLV.

Also I just noticed some things going on over at the forums on whirlpool.net.au, http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=1212283. And this stuff is actually useful. The other day one of my lecturers mentioned a show that had been shown on ABC (but originally aired in the UK) about the history of law in England, which is what we looked at in one of my gen-ed classes at uni.

Anyhow, I hope this to be the last of my posts on this kind of thing, so I can try to do more unswcourse posts.

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