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Bye Bye UNSW Email
28th May 2009

No time to discuss the ethical dilemmas or my opinion but I've worked out why my UNSW email stopped working. In short UNSW no longer provides students with email accounts. They mealy provide an address (@student.unsw.edu.au) that will redirect any mail to an email address of your choice. No webmail, no POP access, no IMAP access, who knows if they actually store any emails at all. An if you want to send mail from your UNSW email well you cannot if you are not at uni and I don't even know if you can at uni. But you would need to have access to a computer with a mail program (so don't bother with the library) and try their SMTP outgoing mail server, I haven't tested this. Sure you can fake your mail to be sent by your unimail address but this is quite pointless.

All is not lost, CSE students get a CSE email so I can send mail from that account.

Oh and what about zmail you say? Its just a prepackaged Microsoft email thing. ie. its just like all your other service based emails like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail. You just tell the uni servers to forward your mail to Microsoft. All the outgoing and POP/IMAP servers are in the outlook.com and exchangelabs.com and hotmail.com domains (bye bye internet quota, yes the uni now has to (presumably) pay more $$$).

I don't like this. I'll post more after the session is over.