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Tales of Dvorak - Part II
13th March 2009

A while ago I posted My Tale of the Switch to the Dvorak Layout. I've realised that some things have changed since then.

I just did the KTouch training session where I took 61 seconds to style 228 characters (38 words) which equals 216 characters per minute or 37 words per minute. T I had an accuracy of 97% (6 mistyped characters). Hopefully when I find the other sessions that come with KTouch I will be able to get some more data.

Mostly I can type without looking at the keyboard, hoverer as I'm still learning there are occasions when I needed to look at the keyboard. This is okay, it slows my down but its not bad. The problem is when I'm in the CSE labs I'm typing in Dvorak on a Qwerty keyboard so when I go to look down at the keyboard (as this is a habit I've gotten into when I get stuck) I get completely lost. And I end up pressing 5 different keys until I find the one I want.

I have a prac exam in June, so I better either hurry up and get better at Dvorak or go back to qwerty and get familiar with it again. Otherwise my prac exam may not go so well.

A few days ago I would have said that I type by remembering were specific letters are, but typing now it seems that's not the case and my hand movements just come naturally without thinking too much. So it looks like I'm improving.

I don't want to try tying in qwerty as that seems to really stuff things up badly for me.

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