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I'm in my mid 20's, living in Sydney and having completed a bachelor of Science (Computer Science) degree at the University of New South Wales I am currently employed at a geospatial solution delivery company in a presales and solution delivery capacity.

I have an interest in the geospatial field, being involved in a collaborative community effort to build a free worldwide map; through the OpenStreetMap project, with a brief involvement in the fosm.org project.

I have an interest in cartography and the visualisation of geospatial data having produced a few special purpose maps.

Most of the development work I do these days resolves around front-end and back-end web development, with the odd Perl scripting and Debian based Linux sysadmin work.

I admire people who can give good presentations, so I'm always keen to give it a go myself, like I did when I gave my Sydney Georabble presentation.

I enjoy working with data (and have become quite familiar with ABS census data by building the asgs2pgsql and abs2pgsql tools).

I am supportive of free and open source software and free culture in general. I release source code for hobby projects I work on via github. I also contribute to Debian.

In my youth I wrote extensive guides to several high school subjects and licensed these under a Creative Commons license which still prove to be useful to others to date.

My current computing environment resolves around Debian, XMonad, Vim and the Dvorak keyboard layout. It took me quite a while to slowly piece together this setup and get used to the environment, but well worth the steep learning curve.

In my free time I like to explore the natural environment by bushwalking, cycling or visiting the beach. Sometimes I post photos from my explorations.

You can get in touch with me via email at andrewharvey4@gmail.com. I accept OpenGPG encrypted or signed email, but unfortunately I haven't met anyone offering to sign my key so I am not included in the web of trust.