Hi! I'm Andrew...

...a consultant developer based in Sydney with a passion for all things geospatial.

I present a selection of my skills and experience...

ABS Geospatial Visualisation and Analysis

I have extensive experience with ABS census and statistical data including ABS geographical classifications and standards.

I have worked on both spatial and non-spatial ABS data analysis and visualisations.

The possibilities include,

  • Augmenting your data with ABS census or statistical data
  • Including ABS thematic map layers within your existing application, regardless of whether it is web or desktop based
  • Provide contextual insights of information pulled from ABS data within your existing application

For the technically interested, I created and maintain an open source project for a PostgreSQL/PostGIS ABS census and geography loader. See asgs2pgsql and abs2pgsql on GitHub.

Mapping & Cartography

I have much experience with Web Mapping and Cartography. This includes the technical side of sourcing and processing data used in the map, and the design considerations of styling that data to produce a map.

Whether you are looking for a single purpose map, a highly interactive mapping dashboard, a fixed paper or PDF map, one off or on-demand parameter driven, I've done it.

This example was stemmed from a prototype project to consume SRTM3 elevation data to produce a shaded relief, hypsosmotic tinted contour map with a single purpose of communicating elevation information of the environment.

Simple single purpose maps like these can easily be embedded within mobile apps, device responsive web pages or heavy weight desktop GIS applications.

Travel time map

Geospatial analysis like travel time maps

After fine tuning a personalised routing profile for my cycling attributes like my average speeds along different types of roads, I quickly mashed together this travel time map showing the route and time it would take me to get to every location within Sydney from the city.

With the all the powerful, fast and flexible open source routing engines out there routing and analysis can be made easy whether you need an web service, a set of pre-calculated numbers, maps or full application integration, I may be able to help.

Making the most of OpenStreetMap

Being both a contributor and consumer of OpenStreetMap means I am extremely familiar with the data available and how best to make use of it.

Whether you just need a base map, or you would like to use select data for analysis, the possibilities are endless.

OpenStreetMap Edits


Server and Software Configuration, Deployment and Administration

I have solid experience with provisioning the right infrastructure for your needs, whether it is hosted in the cloud as a VPS or though Amazon Web Services or run on your own bare metal or virtual servers.

I routinely install, configure and maintain Debian Linux servers and associated common server software, focusing on geospatial applications.

Application or Service Development

  • Web Application Development
  • Web Application Design
  • GIS Plugin/Glue Code (eg. QGIS plugins)
  • Script development and implementation
  • Web Service or API Development
    • Name finder, search, query, geocoding, reverse geocoding, gazetteer services
    • IP Address geocoding
    • Web map tile, WMS, WFS services
    • Route finding, route planning, travel time services
    • Automated map production

Python file

Custom Web Mapping Applications

The map on the left (which you can also view with live data in full screen) is a basic example of a web map with a custom data layer. The focus isn't so much on the base map or cartography but rather the application built on top.

In this case the map displays NSW RFS Major Incidents such as bush fires and back burning operations through a fully interactive web application. Data is sourced from a live feed from the RFS (I've taken a snapshot for this demo here), but the design and formatting has been designed from scratch to create a more user friendly site.

Although map.rfs.nsw.gov.au doesn't currently resolve, I think it should and this is how I think such a map should look and behave. A full screen, fast, slick, simple to user, usable map based web site with all the critical information the user would like to know.

Technologies I've worked with

I am most experienced with


Have you considered how you can make use of OpenStreetMap whether you are using the maps or the data?

Web Mapping

Need a simple interactive map within your website, or maybe you need a more complex map focused web application?

Map Production

Need PDF maps produced on demand as an automated process?

Database Administration

Need help setting up or making use of PostgreSQL, PostGIS, PostGIS Raster, pgrouting? Installation, database turning, data loading, SQL queries are areas I can help with.

Geospatial Data Processing

Need some geospatial data crunched or processed?

Geospatial Visualisation

Need custom data in Google Earth, desktop GIS applications or on the web?


Custom-made mobile and web maps

I've worked with the fine folks behind Lost On Campus to provide the cartography for their map and technical advice for an end to end mapping solution all the way from collecting and creating the geographic data through to map styling and finally map delivery though their mobile and web apps.

Paper Map for Bushwalking Route

Bushwalking maps for print media

For this project I needed to source mapping data for topographic maps, choose a style most appropriate for the purpose of highlighting a walking route and produce a result suitable for print media.

“Andrew was approachable, knowledgeable and very professional throughout the course of the project, producing exactly what I was after with the minimum of fuss. I would definitely recommend working with him for a project that requires cartography skills.” daverutter

...but I'm learning new things all the time and keeping up to date with the latest industry directions and best practices.

If you have business opportunities you would like to talk about please get in touch.