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OpenStreetMap: My Story

OpenStreetMap Logo

Andrew Harvey

This presentation was originally prepared for and presented at the fifth Sydney GeoRabble.

This presentation makes uses of the following third party works:

These presentation slides and the presentation itself is released by the author Andrew Harvey under the Creative Commons Zero 1.0 license.

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Map from OpenStreetMap.
Map showing only roads from OpenStreetMap.
road classifications max speed, max weight turn restrictions tree species creeks and rivers administrative boundaries place names sports grounds picnic tables outdoor bbqs bus routes shops restaurants opening hours bushwalking tracks bike lanes buildings mountain ranges electrical grids

No left turn from A to C via B.

Contribution User
19.48% ABS2006
8.02% Franc
5.92% JohnSmith
3.27% rrankin
2.76% swampwallaby
2.51% Rosscoe
2.25% behemoth14
2.07% nm7s9
2.03% mrpulley
1.52% drlizau
1.50% macAlba
1.41% Chadzopkyo
1.33% Ebenezer
1.23% c-j-b
1.20% markus_g
1.16% Zhent
1.16% Trav
1.12% Biogenesis_
1.10% Jack Kirby
1.10% VK1RE
1.03% aharvey
1.01% MichaelCollinson
Map showing OpenStreetMap edits coloured by contributor.
Map highlighting my OpenStreetMap edits.
Photograph looking out into the sunset.